th eSuwannee River
The Suwannee River

The Suwannee River flows through areas of pristine river marshlands, bordered by low bluffs, wide sandy banks and ancient woodlands.

There are numerous access points offering opportunities for river excursions of an hour, a day, or longer. It is wise to portage Big Shoals Rapids, the only natural “white water” in Florida. The Big Shoals, a Florida State Park, has modern facilities. American Canoe Adventures:

Hiking: White Springs is surrounded by natural preserves which are crisscrossed by maintained hiking trails. Popular trails include the “Bridge to Bridge” trail along the Suwannee River. Beginning at the roadside park at US 41 on the river bank and ending at the bridge on State Road 136, near the historic district. Big Shoals State Park, with modern facilities, is laced with trails suitable for family or offering challenging paths for experienced hikers.

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Trail Biking & Road Bicycling: Most roads have little vehicle traffic and all offer a relaxing view of North Central Florida countryside. Big Shoals State Park offers fantastic trail biking paths and adjacent public lands offer challenging opportunities.

The Suwannee River Bicycling Association is headquartered in White Springs. There are picturesque well paved country roads accessible from White Springs.

Fishing, Wing Shooting, Shooting Facilities, Alligator Hunting, Lodging, Dining, Lake Leases available at Bienville Plantation, at 16673 SE 81st Drive in White Springs. Contact them at (386) 397-1989 or at

Florida National Scenic Trail

Camping: The upper Suwannee River is one of the last undisturbed areas of Florida where outdoor enthusiasts can visit and enjoy. The natural area around White Springs is a magnet to many visitors who camp under the stars and combine their camping experience with canoeing, hiking or biking. White Springs also has RV campgrounds listed on the Tourist information page.

Fishing/Hunting: A large variety of fish, ranging from catfish to bass to trout, inhabit the upper Suwannee River. A sportsman’s best bet is to grab a canoe and a rod, then let the current take you down the river. Licensed hunters have many choices during the season in northern Florida, ranging from the internationally-known Bienville Plantation, eight miles north of White Springs, to the vast expanse of the Osceola National Forest.

Suwannee River Wilderness Trail: The Suwannee River Wilderness Trail is a regional system of parks, forests, wildlife management areas and conservation lands. It provides miles of opportunity for a variety of tours along the river. Choose your adventure – Sleep under the stars or under a tent, in a cabin, at a local motel or bed and breakfast. For more information call 800.868.9914

Birding Suwannee: Bird watching in Florida’s Suwannee River Valley can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is inexpensive and easy for anyone to get started. Additional information is available at or the Nature and Heritage Tourism Center in White Springs.

White Springs Historic Walking Tour: Maps may be picked up at Town Hall or the Tourism Center. Take a Step Back in time as you take the tour of the many Historical Sites in White Springs. By the 1880’s Florida’s first tourist destination boasted more than 500 hotel and boarding house rooms.